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Thursday 3-27-2014

Reminder: If you want a CrossFit Texarkana t shirt or tank, please get your name and size on the board over the med balls by tomorrow. 

CrossFit Games Open Wod 14.5 tonight at 7pm live via the CF Games site!!!! It’s the final wod guys, let’s see if all those predictions were true!!!!

Warm Up


Max Effort

4 x :30 on/:30 off

Row for Meters

Rest 1 Min

4 x :30 on/:30 off

Med Ball Ground to Overhead

Rest 1 Min

4 x :30 on/:30 off

Dot Drill

Rest 1 Min

4 x :30 on/:30 off

Russian Twists 25/15

Cash Out:

15 Min Mobility

*Foam Roller

*Peanuts/Lacrosse Balls

*TP Rollers

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