Thursday 3-22-12

Each of us is born with a specific makeup of 3 types of skeletal muscle fiber. The percentage present of each type of fiber is as unique as the individual. Numerous scientist have demonstrated that the phenotype of mammalian skeletal muscle can be altered. This changes are brought about through training and practice. CrossFit avoids the pitfalls of a specialized program by constantly varying the stimuli, hitting every aspect of fitness. Aerobic/anaerobic, fast twitch/slow twitch-you name it its there. Through consistent and diverse training muscles can develop and change while adapting to handle the stress of exercise. (Excerpts from CrossFit Training Course)

Warm Up: Spealler, Burgener

Row/Run Intervals

3 X: Row 250 M, Rest 60 secs


Run 400 M


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This is such a rare CrossFit WOD sight that I had to get a good shot!