Friday 3-15-13

I hope everyone is having a fantastic spring break. People have been coming in at odd times and some classes have been light but some classes have been full. The weather has been nice in the afternoons. We have several athletes that are bouncing around the general WOD and trying to get their games WOD completed and judged. I just want to touch base with those athletes and make sure this week and next week we have you covered. Friday and Saturday Daylon is going to be at the helm without me and the same next weekend. This may mean because of how crazy the classes have been this week that you need to touch base with him to make sure you don’t show up to be judged on your 13.2 and 13.3 and he is slammed with a 15 count class with 4 new people in it. I know most of you are planning on having it done before Saturday, and many of you have already completed it, so it may be all good but touch base with him just to be safe please.

On the same note, there is a St Patrick’s Day WOD this Saturday after the Open Gym and Opens WOD. Have fun but please be safe. T has text everyone the general rules and guidelines (it will also be posted on the CFT FB) but I just want everyone to know we do get concerned about your safety and we want everyone to make it home safely so that we can see you again on Monday. Green beer and green faces are okay (BYOB) for this WOD but please keep it outside. T will cover that with everyone but we want to keep the inside of the box relatively tidy for Monday. I expect lots of pictures and hopefully no pukies lol! 

Today is a Free-For-All Weight Day

Go for a max on any lift or combination of lifts. This would be a perfect time to work on a weak lift. The Beast Board is almost empty of lifts. We need to fix that. Just make sure Daylon is aware of your attempt and that he deems it legit.