Thursday 3-15-12

12.4 Looks like a good one. I’m still out until next week, maybe Saturday morning, so if you plan on scheduling this one before Saturday (team athletes only) make sure to clear it with Daylon first. 

  I wanted to throw a side note in on nutrition. Many of us watch our weight to stay healthy. I have believed for a long time just the opposite; stay healthy to watch your weight. Brandy had a research paper due recently that she chose to do on “Paleo”. I did some researching of my own as I haven’t updated my info recently on Paleo, CrossFit and mainstream nutrition since CrossFit has become such the buzz. Do an intense study on inflammation in the body and it’s main causes and what inflammation causes in the body. Paleo is the way to go! (all weight related issues aside)

Warm Up: 1 X CrossFit Warm Up

For Time

With 10 seconds rest between exercises:

Bear Crawl down and back

As many Pull Ups as possible without dropping

Bear Crawl down and back

As many hand release Push Ups as possible without pausing

Bear Crawl down and back

As many Squats as possible without pausing

400 M Run

Post total reps and time to comments

then work on Mobility

We have so many more athletes than last year. I’m looking forward to it!