Thursday 3-1-12

I swear I didn’t know! 12.2 – MORE SNATCHES! Well, we got our practice in. I will change up how we attack this WOD. We as a whole will still do this one Saturday, but team athletes will also be able to do the WOD anytime between now and then as long as it is scheduled. This will accommodate more schedules and give some the chance to do it more than once if necessary.

Warm Up: 1 X CrossFit Warm Up

3 Rounds for Time:

300 M Row

20 Wall Ball Shots

10 Pull Ups

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Ain’t it the truth. I know a lot of you have been spreading the word and Joe and I really appreciate it. Our numbers have skyrocketed. Keep it up. It’s good all around. We get a new athlete, you get a WOD partner, it’s a win win.