Thursday 2-5-2015

Warm Up

* 2 Min Single Unders

* PVC Warm Up

* Burgener Progression/Warm Up

*With Empty Barbell – 3x 3 Hang Power Clean/3 Front Squats/3 Press


“The Other CF Total”

1 Rep Max Full Clean

1 Rep Max Bench Press

1 Rep Max Overhead Squat

Rules: You will only have 3 attempts on each lift. A failed lift counts as an attempt. Warm ups are allowed with up to 50% of your previous max. You will be given 15 min to complete your 3 attempts for each lift. They must be in order of Clean, Bench Press, then Overhead Squat. A max must be declared to a coach to validate the lift. The best numbers from each will be added together to form your Other CF Total. 

Cash Out:

100 Banded Tricep Extensions