Thursday 12-29-11

  I know New Year’s is here and many of you have already mentioned you’re ready to get serious about setting some goals and, of course, getting your nutrition lined out. We will set up some seminars and open gym settings with learning groups over the next several weeks. Keep in mind the most effective way, hands down, to drop body fat percentages is to eat prescribed – meats, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. As for reaching strength and conditioning goals, we will be doing skills and mobility in our warm up to help improve our performance in the WODs. Completing the WODs the best you can as often as you can over time will produce results. New Year’s goals fall by the waist side usually within three weeks because we want it all to happen now. Be persistent and consistent and look back at the end of the year and you will be proud of your accomplishments. Persistent and Consistent! 
  It has come to my attention that we have several who are completely capable of double unders, with practice,  that are more willing to do the usual modification of tripling the amount for singles rather than working on their double unders. The usual modification is to progress you, not inhibit you. We do doubles for a reason. Fair warning – work on your double unders. I have a new modification that will urge you to work on them.

I want to change our usual routine of loading up the bars as soon as we show up for class on weight days. We will do things in our warm up that will require open floors. 

20 Min AMRAP:

400 M Run

155 Pound Deadlift, 21 Reps

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I’m proud of our diverse 4:30 group making the “12 Days” WOD work.