Thursday 11-8-12

Warm Up: Row 500m, then junk yard dog. Next, 3 rounds – 5x snatch 65#/45#, 5x push ups, 5x toes 2 bar, stretch or dynamic movement of your choice. 

5 Rounds :

Complete as many reps as possible in 3 minutes of the following…
3 snatch, 95#/65#
6 burpees
9 sit ups
*Rest 1 minute between each 3 minute AMRAP

This video is going to be the first ever I have shown like this. It’s a bit overboard but it proves a point. There are people that want to be right about their negative opinion of CrossFit. When they have footage like this, that’s more than enough to run us down.There are trainers and facilities out there that want to teach CrossFit the correct way. This, however, is not it and we don’t want our athletes out there representing us with something like this:

The point is: Don’t be “that guy”.

30 Ways To Never Get The Body You Want And Feel Terrible Trying:

#27) Only read health/fitness information that is convenient and doesn’t challenge your current status in any way. Magazine articles telling you things like “lifting weights will make you bulky” are perfect.