Thursday 10-27-11

  We are going to try something a little different but exciting this Saturday. I know everyone loves the team WODs but we need to look at where we stand on a fitness level test. I’ve brought this up with a few athletes and it seems like it’s just what some of y’all have been wanting. We will look at a long list of fitness skills (some will be our strengths and some our weaknesses) and begin chipping away at them. Not that we are by any means going to do all of them in one day but we have to start somewhere and go from there. Each skill has 4 fitness levels. Each of us will be advanced, or maybe even elite, in some and intermediate in some. Leave your egos at home and let’s see what we could improve on and see how far we’ve really come since starting CrossFit. Good times!!!
  I am sure everybody is mowing down through the points on the challenge and some of you are wondering about those 10 points from the mobility WOD. I have not forgotten I promise. There are many irons in the fire right now and even though putting that one together is a priority the other priorities are taking a little longer than anticipated. I see no reason why I shouldn’t have it ready by Saturday for you to get some points this week. Maybe after some level assessments Saturday we can take a few minutes to answer questions and demonstrate the mobility WOD. 

This WOD will be scaled for those that need scaling.

Buy In

1x: warm up and stretch thoroughly! 


Complete as many rounds in 30 minutes as you can of:
Run 400 meters
10 L-Pull-ups
15 Back Extension with 25 pound plate
20 Sit-ups with 25 pound plate

Cash Out

Drink your recovery shake and stretch!

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