Thursday 10-20-11

 Everybody please be mindful of our new neighbors. Our classes are filling up and, unlike when we were on Broad St., the businesses next to us use parking spaces throughout the day. We have public parking adjacent to us. Using that will keep us on good terms with the music store lady. We want her to smile at us when we run by her window cause she looks like she could get serious (if you know what I mean).
 We will do the q & a for the 9 week challenge Friday. Everyone can attend even if you aren’t certain you’re ready to participate. This will be at 5:30 a.m. & 5:30 p.m. Some have been concerned about not being here but wanting to do it. I will make it a fairly regular seminar so don’t fret you’ll get to make the next one. I would like for everyone attending to bring a notebook. This needs to be a notebook that not only will hold your notes from the seminar but also notes for the whole challenge and really even beyond that. You will see what I mean Friday.

Buy In

2x: 200 m run – 5 med ball passes to a partner


5 Rounds for Time:

5 kb snatches each arm 1/.5 pood

10 ring dips

Cash Out

500 m row

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