Thursday 1-31-13

Warm Up – We often have a “set” warm up we do. I know a lot of times it is a “free-for-all” in the warm up but for the most part everybody goes through the recommended moves, etc. This is great for someone just beginning and they don’t understand what they begin to understand after a few months with us. But what about the person that comes in with shoulder problems and wants to do something like a Spealler warm up because it works for him/her and we have 3 rounds of Cindy? Let’s try this. At the top of class we will do a group warm up for anyone that needs that. Everyone else tend to your specific needs with the warm up that you know you need. I think this works for everybody. My preferred personal warm up is structured like what Josh Everett does and I know I would want to do my warm up as opposed to just some du’s and a couple of moves. Some people like to “save their energy” or something like that and do less. To each his own.

Partner WOD 

Come to class with a partner or suffer the wrath!

One partner rows for 3 minutes, one partner does 3 minutes of burpees, simultaneously. Switch and repeat so that each partner rows 2 times and does burpees 2 times. Score will be combined calories and burpees completed by both partners in the 12 minutes of exercise.

Post team and score to comments