Thursday 1-23-2014

Eatology Nutrtion Seminar tonight at 5:30pm.

Warm UpĀ 


20 Min AMRAP w/partner

1 Chest to Bar Pull Up, 1 Jumping Squat

2 Chest to Bar Pull Up, 2 Jumping Squat

3 Chest to Bar Pull Up, 3 Jumping Squat

4 Chest to Bar Pull Up, 4 Jumping Squat

*Continue moving up by 1 rep each round. Partners share the work. Example 10 C2B Pull Ups, 10 Jumping Squats- Partner A does 5 Pull Ups and Partner B does 5 Pull Ups. Followed by 5 and 5 on Jumping Squats. Share reps however you want. All reps at a station must be complete before moving to the next. Score total reps completed.