Thursday 1-10-13

Let’s set some ground rules on the 90 day challenges. I’m fired up at how many people have goals and are sharing them but what I REALLY want is to sit down with each of you when we can focus and put it in writing what you’re shooting for. I’ve had texts, emails, FB messages and the good ole rattle it off at the box about what everybody wants. It makes it tough to actually understand what it is going to take to reach these goals, are they realistic, or like I’ve noticed with many of you, are you selling yourself short. When you have a definite plan of action and you know specific targets to shoot for and how to improve your aim at those targets then 90 days is ample time to accomplish more than you think you would. All of you have my phone number (it’s the one on the site), text message with me to set a time when we can meet one on one outside of the WOD and get a game plan. Make sure you text your name if I don’t already have you saved in my phone.

Cody is knocking on 220#. He thought that would make it hard to get a muscle up. Two days ago he wanted one of his 90 day goals to be to get a muscle up. If that was all he was shooting for, now what would he do?

and by the way, WAY TO GO CODY!

15 Minute Warm Up: Burgener, Double Unders, some serious mobility!





Double Unders

KB Swings, 1.5/1 pood

Post each snatch rep, lowest du and lowest kb swing to comments