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Warmup (No Measure)

5:00 Foam Roll (Glutes, Hamstrings, T-Spine)

Thoracic Opener x 10 Reps

90/90 Hip Switch w/Hip Extension x 5 Reps Each Direction

3 Rounds

200/150m Row

10 SxDB High Pulls (5R5L)(35/25)*

Followed immediately by…

Banded Behind The Neck Press x 20 Reps (Done as fast as possible)

Banded Good Mornings x 10 Reps (0:03 Down/Explode Up)

*Suggested weights here are based on those doing the WOD Rx’d. Thise who are scaling will need to go lighter.

Deadlift Waves (Weight)

Every 1:30 For 13:30 (9 Sets):

4-3-2 @ 60/65/70%

4-3-2 @ 65/70/75%

4-3-2 @ 70/75/80%

Reps should be done touch & go. Reps should also be done as explosively as possible. Pause for 0:01 at the top and squeeze the glutes to establish full lockout. Heavy but perfect!!!

Percentages are based on last week’s 3RM.

The Twilight Zone (Time)

For Time:

150 Alternating DB Snatches (50/35)

5 Deadlifts EMOM (155/105)

15:00 Time Cap

No deadlifts until the first minute has passed. On 3-2-1 GO! go straight into your snatches.

To click Rx you not only have do the Rx weights, but you must perform the required number of deadlifts each minute & complete at least 1 snatch with each arm in each minute. If you get capped you may still click Rx if you’ve met the standards mentioned above. If you do not make the cap your score will be 15:00 + however many reps you did not complete. If you are by any chance over 60 reps shy of the cap then your score will roll over to the 16th minute.

Core On The Floor (Time Permitting) (No Measure)

Superset x 3 Rounds:

Skin The Cats x 5 Reps (Slow Turnover)

Dragon Flags x 5 Reps (You may use bands for this)

Rest 1:00 in between sets.

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