The Rumba

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12-10-15 (No Measure)

Rowling w/ partner

5 rounds each

partner 1 rows 100m if you are over or under you do tat many burpees

example: if you row 102 meters you do 2 burpees, if you row 98 meters youdo 2 burpees

*you do no more than 5 burpees per round

Clean and Jerk (7 sets(1 hang clean+1 font squat+ 1 split jerk))

If you feel comfortable go ahead and do a hang squat clean+front squat+split jerk

stay below 50% of clean and jerk max

Annie (Time)


Comp extra work (No Measure)

5 times max effort shuttle run

rest as needed

5 yards 10 yards 5 yards

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