The Black Pearl

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Warm Up

3-5 Foam Roll.

200m Walk .

200M Jog.

10 Leg Swings.

Walking knee pull to chest.

Walking ankle pull to butt.


Gymnastic bear crawl

Toy Soldier

Quadruped bear crawl

Inchworm with 2 push ups

Then 2 Rounds of

1st Rd

10 Two arm hang from bar.

10 Knee ups

5 Walk outs

2nd Rd

4 Hip taps

10 Knee ups

5 Walkouts

200m jog

Strict Pull Up Strength 60% of 5 rep max (1,5,5,5 )

3X5 @60% of 5 Rep Max from last week.
First set is unweighted.

MG: Metcon (Time)

(MG) The Black Pearl

3 Rounds

400m run

30ft Bear Crawl Froward

30Ft BearCrawl Backward

12 Toes to Bar

(RX +) Replace 6 Wall Walks for Bear Crawls.
Bear Crawl: Distributed weight evenly over hands and feet

Cashout Ring Dips /Dumbell Bicep Curls (No Measure)

3X 8-10

Ring Dips

Bicep Curls

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