Sweep the Leg


It’s getting hot out there! Please make sure you are hydrating properly, especially our afternoon classes!

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6-8-15 (No Measure)

Lot trips

high knees x2

butt kicks x2


gymnastics bear crawl

samson stretch

5-3-1 FRONT squat week 2

1×5@ 40%

1×5 @50%

1×3@ 60%




Sweep the Leg (AMRAP – Reps)

10 min AMRAP

1 mile run

clean and jerks 155/105 with remaining time

*if scaling scale back the distance and weight if you must

example: if it takes you 2:30 to run a 400 run a 1200 and not a full mile

cash out

30 hip extensions

50 russian twists 25/15

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