St. Patty day!!!


Friday night lights again this Friday!!! No 5:30 class, we will use that time for warm up and get started at 6:00 or so!!! Come out and cheer on our athletes!!!

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3-17-16 (No Measure)


55 DU’s

3 rounds of Cindy

5 pull-ups

10 push-ups

15 air squats

St. Patty (Time)

partner wod

for time:

17 Turkish get ups 35/26 (each)

17 KB swings 35/26 (each)

17 Mt Climbers (each)

17 meter wheel Barrel-partner holds feet (each)

170 meter run w/ KB (turn around just before 200m mark) run together 1 KB

170 double unders-total

***partners may work rest any way they choose, go ahead and do 3 burpees on the minute

* 1 KB per team unless male/female

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