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Warmup (No Measure)

250-200-150-100m Jog


Tall Squat Cleans w/Empty BB

0:15 Slam Ball Plank Hold

Strength/Skills (Weight)

20:00 EMOM (0:40 Cap Per Minute)

1) 10/7 Cal Bike or 13/9 Cal Row

2) 15 D-Ball Slams (20#+)

3) 5 Tempo Ring Pushups (3030)

4) 2 Clusters @ 65-70% 1RM C&J

5) Rest

Modify appropriately. For the pushups you may modify from the floor or from a bar on the rack. You should not, however, modify the tempo.

Score Cluster Weight.

I Am Sparticus (Time)

Teams of 2

For Time:

1.5 Mile Run Buy-In (Alt Every 600m)



50 Box Jumps

4 Monkey Bar Trips (1 Time Down)

60 Burpees


1.5 Mile Run Buy-Out (Alt Every 200m)

The first run should be at a slower aerobic pace to mimic the first few minutes of the race. The last run should be at a very challenging pace. To avoid traffic jams on the monkey bars you will need to take turns. I’m sure no one will complain considering the demands of this WOD Lol.

The 50 box jumps are emblematical of the 25 you will likely be asked to do at that particular station. The 60 burpees are emblematical of the 30 burpee penalty you must do if you fail one of the designated obstacles. There are 3 of these, so each athlete will do 30 burpees 3 times.

Modify the monkey bars with 10 hanging hip taps with your feet touching the floor. You may partition the box jumps and burpees however you like.

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