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Sesame Street

CrossFit Texarkana – CrossFit

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11-2-15 (No Measure)

lot trips

spiderman crawl


gymnastics bear

over under

high knees

butt kicks


Texas Method Week 3 Day 1 (5×5)

1×5 with bar

1×5 @ 50%

1×3 @ 70%

1×2 @ 80%

5×5 add 5lbs from last Monday

Sesame Street (AMRAP – Reps)

14 min EMOM

evens 100m run

odds max reps double unders

***score total double unders

Cash Out

Tabata Plank w/ weight

Competitor Extra Work (no score just log highest/farthest results)

5×4 hurdle hops (boxes and PVC)

4×3 double leg bounds (max distance

5x max touch on MU ring straps (3-4 step run up)

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