I know that at times we have a really tough WOD and sometimes we even have a really tough week. This has been one of those weeks and it ain’t over yet (almost hang in there). One thing that I wanted to do first and foremost is commend everyone for their efforts this week. There has been a lot of heart.  Another thing I wanted to do is remind everyone that each WOD is scalable and each exercise is modifiable. If you or we trainers/coaches feel like your WOD needs to be scaled or one of your exercises needs to be modified speak up and we will do the same. This is something that I do feel like we could all get better at. If we are all working toward improving our health and fitness and we are all really supporting each other along the way, then making necessary changes in the WOD should be a good thing. Right? We do have athletes that want the WOD that pushes them beyond what they thought they could do. I’m one of them. If we hold our WODs back to such a degree that there isn’t much need for scaling or modifying then we are holding back some of our athletes from overcoming their weaknesses. Think back to when you first started. If all you ever did was what you could do, what makes you stronger, faster, more conditioned and more prepared for the unknown? Look on the bright side, after doing a few lengthy WODs a 20 min amrap doesn’t sound so bad. Don’t let a WOD “ruffle your feathers”. Let’s make adjustments so that every athlete can get what they are CrossFitting for.

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