Saturday 9-17-11


 Come out to Morriss Elementary at 9 a.m.

Let’s make this a great event! Invite everyone you know to come see what we do for our bodies and our communities.

Our Primary Causes:

 *The Special Operations Warrior Foundation was founded in 1980 to provide support and assistance to the U.S. Armed Forces special operations community, which includes:

  • Army Special Forces (Green Berets),
  • Army 75th Ranger Regiment,
  • The 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment,
  • Navy Small Boat Teams,
  • Navy SEALs,
  • Air Force Combat Controllers,
  • Air Force rotary and fixed wing squadrons, and
  • Marine Corps special operations personnel.

There are two major aspects to the Foundation’s mission:

  1. If you are serving in the U.S. military special operations community, and you lose your life in an operational mission or training accident, the Warrior Foundation will provide a full college education to your surviving children.
  2. If you are severely wounded while deployed, the Warrior Foundation will provide immediate financial assistance and support to ensure your loved ones can be at your bedside during your recovery.

While the Foundation has bestowed college scholarships since 1980, they began providing financial support to wounded special operators in 2005.

Although there are other charitable organizations that give financial aid to wounded personnel and their families, SOWF saw a need for immediate financial assistance. Therefore, the Foundation provides $2,000 in cash to families of special operations personnel hospitalized with severe wounds; which the recipient(s) may use for travel, child care, food and lodging.

*Infant Swimming Resource® and CrossFit® Kids are working together to teach children water survival skills that will help them “Prepare for the Unexpected”.

CrossFit Kids via the CrossFit Foundation has pledged to sponsor children of first-responders and under-served families with ISR’s Self-Rescue and survival swimming lessons.

CrossFit Kids strongly supports ISR’s mission that “Not One More Child Drowns”. With the launch of this joint initiative in April 2011, CrossFit Kids has already sponsored ISR’s survival swimming lessons for over 150 children in Miami-Dade County. Working together with ISR, CrossFit Kids’ immediate goal is to make sponsored lessons accessible to thousands of children in cities around the world.

The CrossFit Foundation has pledged to commit a large portion of the money raised from FGB6 to this drowning prevention initiative.

ISR is recognized as the safest provider of survival swimming lessons for infants and toddlers worldwide. With more than 40 years of research and development behind ISR’s Self-Rescue™ program, ISR teaches each child survival skills in conjunction with basic swimming lessons that give them the competence required to safely enjoy the water. For more information, go to:www.infantswim/crossfitkids


*Camp Patriot is a non-profit 501(c) 3 corporation that exists to take Disabled U.S. Veterans on outdoor adventures.

The entire adventure is provided by Camp Patriot at no cost to the Veteran.

The task is monumental. Today, there are over 2.3 million disabled veterans in the U.S. All of these veterans had dreams about the future, but many of those dreams were lost due to injuries suffered in the line of duty. Outdoor activities that they hoped to do in the future have vanished due to their disability. Camp Patriot provides this service to give thanks to veterans and show them that with the right help and guidance, they can again enjoy the great outdoors.

Camp Patriot’s quest is to say, “Thank You for Your Service!”

For the first time ever, Sportsgrants opened up the third charitable seat to the Fight Gone Bad community to nominate and vote for their favorite charity. Thirty organizations were nominated, and of the five finalists ranging from cancer research to medical assistance to veteran services, Camp Patriot was elected. This event has always been produced for the community to come together, and this democratic process hopefully let our participants know their votes count.