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Saturday 4-21-12

It’s time!!!!

1 Year Anniversary Party

We will Kick off the festivities at 10 a.m. and wrap up @ 2.

I will show up 9ish to open the doors and start preparing. Anyone that wants to chip in is welcome. The bounce house is scheduled to be put up @ 9. The food will show up @ 11. Emily put a slide show together of the last year. We will give away prizes, cool prizes, to visitors and members. Daylon is even scheming a little competition between us and y’all. We’ll see where that one leads.

I know some have been wondering about the WODs. I’ll clarify. Normally on Saturdays we meet at one time and do one or two WODs. We will all WOD at different times today. Some will go at each time slot (10, 10:30, 11, 11:30) and only at that one time. I would like to have different ability levels for each one. Some are wanting to decide which WOD they do and this really is not what I am looking for. I want visitors to see scaling and struggling with each WOD. If a new person comes in and only sees someone really good at what we’re doing, there’s not a lot of confidence there in their ability to do it.

  • Leann

    Awesome day! Thanks Jaremy, Mylene, Emily, and everyone else that helped put together such a fun day! The food from Smokey Joe’s was delicious! Loved the Paleo strawberry ice cream too Michelle!

  • Kim

    It was a fun day!  Can’t believe I missed the Paleo ice cream!  I posted pictures on the Facebook page.  If anyone took any non-action shots that I can’t access on Facebook.  Please send them to me at  I want to get them on disc to submit to Four States Living. 

  • Michelle Tibbit

    Great day !!!! Thank you to our great trainers and all you do for us !!!
    I am so glad you guys liked the Paleo ice cream … Just wish it had been enough for eveyone to try ! I will just have to make some more :)) 

    • Mylene

      I missed out on the paleo ice cream : (

  • Justin Hignight

    Sorry I couldn’t be there for longer than I was…but I had fun while I was there! Got a great WOD in as well! By the time next year rolls around I’ll have a much better set up with my music and I can plan on having everything set up outside after the WOD’s are over that way it can truly be live music. In any case thanks to Jaremy, Joey and Daylong for allowing me to have the small part that I had and I hope that the people who were listening liked what they heard. As awesome as the first year was I hope the 2nd will be 10 times that much! Peace out!