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Saturday 4-14-12

Guys I have been trying to stay on top of all the comments lately on the site. Keep posting! It’s cool to read what you have to say when I get caught up. It makes me proud to be where I am.

If everyone takes inventory of where we are as a whole, we have really come a long way. So many of us that had so many limitations before have torn down barriers and have our eyes focused on overcoming the next obstacle. It excites me when I see the determination. Keep on keeping on.


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  • Justin Hignight

    I’ve been checking out the mobility WOD site & saw a couple of videos I’d like to mention & perhaps recommend. The first one was very helpful to me personally in that the discussion was on ankle flexibility. With everything I’ve learned about squatting properly this is the only thing that really hasn’t come around yet. This video shows a great exercise to work on this issue.

    The other article was on a product KStar recommends called “The Slingshot” which basically keeps the arms from bowing out during a pushup, thus providing for proper shoulder motions. I’d love to find out where to get one of these!

  • Kim

    I have been watching some of the Mobility videos!  You could never learn everything there is to know about Crossfit!  Glad we have some great trainers at the box to keep up with everything!  Repetition is the only way I will get this all down!