Saturday 10-8-11

We have made progress toward moving but we’re not quite there yet. Short of something major unforeseen we will officially set the date for Saturday Oct 15th. It is likely that everything will be ready before then but trying to move during the week could disrupt training.
I am ready to get started on our 9 week challenge. I want to kick it off by getting ALL of our athletes together to go over the specifics and answer all questions. I realize this may not happen at one particular time slot but it could happen in one day at two time slots. The basics will be a point system based on more than nutrition. Points will be awarded for many things including how many times you WOD during the week, sleep, how often you eat, water intake, mobility and others. Points can be deducted for things such as alcohol and cheat meals but are actually allowed as long as you’re scoring high in other areas. It really is a flexible way to not only learn nutrition but how “drinking the Progenex” (buying in to the whole CrossFit thing) makes you healthy and fit. We prove this to you by beginning with blood work, a body comp and a benchmark workout. At the end of the 9 weeks we redo each one and show you improvement in all areas as long as you have scored high. There will be no way to monitor your points other than the honor system. I am recommending that everyone get an accountability partner or two. This will keep you on track and honest with yourself. We will have a “start up” fee to cover things such as blood work and to give you another form of motivation. Everybody knows if you have a vested interest in something it holds more value. People will tend to throw in the white towel way too early if they have nothing to lose.  We want to award you your money back if you score high enough and prizes too. These questions and any others will be answered at the designated time slots. So, what I need now is your feedback on time slots. I would prefer to do a Friday at 5:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. Everyone can make these two times and it seems as if many people aren’t committed to WOD on Friday. That means less interference than a day that everyone does want to WOD. Of course this means everyone has to show up on a Friday. I’m not opposed to another day if we feel like that would work best. Share your thoughts on comments or in person.

9 a.m. Open Gym

Games Style Team WOD

details in the a.m.