Would it be fair to assume recovery is pretty important?

  We’ve definately got the training down. Even though we might not apply it the way we should, we understand that nutrition is essential. Now let’s talk recovery. I made a comment in a previous blog that we are only as good as our recovery from the last workout. What do we mean by recovery? If I could keep it simple and say “do these things and recovery should never be an issue”, recovery would mean: stay hydrated, eat a hormonally intelligent diet with predominately antioxidant rich “Paleo” foods. Do not overtrain. Get ample post WOD nutrition. Sleep 8-10 hours a day in a completely dark room.  Laugh as much as possible and avoid excess stress. Too bad simple doesn’t cut it for most of us. We’ve for some reason always got to know why. Here’s why. Training releases hormones, triggers immune responses, causes inflamation (that’s a topic in itself ), dehydrates us and burns up all our fuel usually in less than an hour. We still have 23 hours to go before we’re back at it again. Shouldn’t we complement the good we’ve done and repair the damage we’ve done so we don’t look and act like the walking dead? (the guy on the left) Our specific goals in CrossFit may vary somewhat but the general goal is always the same – results. Intensity is the shortcut to results and recovery is relative to our intensity. So, to get the results your working so hard for let your body recover and be prepared for the next WOD.

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