R.I.P. ripped hands

 There are a few of us that have ripped our hands during the WOD. There are those of us that haven’t yet but certainly feel like it may only be a matter of time. Regardless of how tough you are nobody wants the discomfort and time off resulting from a tear. I came across an article on just the thing.

 Work on your grip strength. Use mixed grips on exercises such as pull ups and farmer walks.

 Get used to NOT using chalk. Use it only for moisture control. You don’t need it on your first rep and you don’t need a lot. When you do use it, wash your hands with soap immediately following. Just water won’t do it’s the polarity of the soap that removes the chalk. Then immediately rub a good moisturizing lotion into your hands. Dry hands are brittle and have no elasticity.

 Shave and pumice your calluses regularly. There are tools to shave them at retail stores. This should be done with dry hands so that you only remove the dry , dead skin and don’t get into the tender skin. Your calluses actually catch on the bar and pull so the friction and the hanging quite literally rip them off. 

 Last but not least, wear gloves. No one likes to wear gloves, including me, but if only for a time to increase grip strength and condition the hands.

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