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Warm-up (No Measure)

Warm Up

Overhead Squat/Snatch

3-5min Foam Roll

Concentrate on Quads and Lat’s

3 rds tabata jumping jacks

20 seconds on 10 seconds off.

1 min each movement or 30 seconds each side.

Couch Stretch


Open Half Kneeling

Prayer Stretch

3 Eccentric Curl

Deep Squat With Rotation

( Warrior Stretch)

Burgener with PVC

Overhead Squat 5X5 (5,5,5,5,5)


Work up to a 5 rep heavy over 5 sets.

Primer (No Measure)

3 rounds not for time!!

Snatch: Build to WOD weight. If you can’t do this complex unbroken you’re too heavy.

1 Snatch Pull

1 Muscle Snatch

1 Hang Power snatch

Pull Up’s

Rd 1) 5 Scap pulls

Rd 2) 6 Kipping, swings arch to hollow.

Rd 3) 2 strict pull ups+ 4 Kipping pull ups

Power Play (Time)

21-15-9 reps, for time of:

Power Snatch, 95/65 lbs

RX + 115Lbs/85 Lbs

Cashout GHD / Wall Ball (No Measure)

3-4 rounds

10-15 GHD sit ups

10-15 Wall balls ( for max height )

8-10 Good Mornings

Rest as needed between rounds, reps on wallballs should be unbroken and explosive.

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