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3-5 minutes foam roll, mobility.

2 minutes: run, row, bike, or jump rope.

5 min Group Warm up ( Coaches Choice)

Barbell Warm up

5 Staggered leg RDL

5 Hang Clean High pull

5 Muscle Cleans

5 Front Rack Elbow Rotations

5 Front squats

5 Strict Press

10 Back Squats

Back Squat (10RM -5%X10 -10% X10 )

Warm up!!

Build to a 10 RM

Drop 5% do 10reps

Drop 10% do 10 reps (from Max)

Score Max

Wod Prep

Take time to warm up to WOD Weight and for pull ups

Metcon (Time)

Power Cynthia

5 Rounds for Time

5 Power Cleans 155/110

10 Pull ups

15 Air Squats

Cash Out

Core work

Tabata Plank

Rd’s 1 & 2Plank Position ( To increase difficulty use one arm)

Rd’s 3&4 Right SIde plank

Rd’s 5&6 Left Side Plank

Rd’s 7&8 Plank

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