Operation: Mindcrime


Mark your calendars for next Saturday at 10am. In observance of the 4th we will be doing a Hero WOD called “The Seven.” For those of you who’ve done this WOD before you know three things. It’s long, it’s heavy, & it’s nasty! But that’s the self-masochism we seem to love as CrossFitters! We embrace the suck & we suffer together! And what better way to do that by honoring our military & first responders & celebrating America! If you’re in town next weekend then c’mon out and let’s have some fun!

In observance of the 4th the Weekend Warriors will not meet next Sunday afternoon. Have a safe and happy holiday!

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Warmup (No Measure)

5:00 Foam Roll (Shoulders, Bi’s & Tri’s, Glutes & Quads)

Hip Halo Monster Walks (Hinged Position w/Band Around Knees, Straight Body Position w/Band Around Ankles)

w/Empty BB perform one round of…

5 Slow Good Mornings

5 Pause Back Squats

5 Kang Squats (a combination of the above movements)

20 Reps of the following complex…

1 Tall Muscle Snatch + 1 Snatch Grip Strict Press (w/Empty BB)

(0:01 Pause at the top of each movement)

Strength/Skills (Weight)

Superset x 8 Rounds:

Box Squat x 2 Reps @ 60% 3RM Back Squat

Behind The Neck Pullups x 3-5 Reps (Everybody in all probability will need bands for these)

Operation: Mindcrime (Time)

Teams of 2

For Time:

10 Clean & Jerks (165/115)

10 Tall Box Jumps

20 Clean & Jerks (155/105)

20 Tall Box Jumps

30 Clean & Jerks (135/95)

30 Tall Box Jumps

40 Clean & Jerks (115/85)

40 Tall Box Jumps

50 Clean & Jerks (95/65)

50 Tall Box Jumps

R1: Alternate Every Rep

R2: Alternate Every 2 Reps

R3: Alternate Every 3 Reps

R4: Alternate Every 4 Reps

R5: Alternate Every 5 Reps

This sequence applies to both the clean & jerks & the box jumps.


There is no Rx height for the tall box jumps. This will be dependent on the athletes ability & comfort level, as this is an unfamiliar movement to many.

There should ideally be only 1 barbell per team unles it’s a coed team to ensure there is adequate equipment.

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