One For The Core!

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Warmup (No Measure)

5 Rounds (9:00-11:00 Goal):

1:00 Jump Rope (Any Variation)

10 180° Jumping Squats (5 Each Way)

0:30 Plate OH Hold (Any Weight)

(Standing Still…no walking around. You may increase the weight of the plate each round.)

Strength/Stability Work (Weight)

EMOM For 16:00

Lopsided Deads x 1 Rep (Alternate Right & Left)(0:05 Up/0:05 Down)

There will be only one plate on the bar. The opposite will be an unloaded bar. Start with a light plate (10-15# if you’re new to the movement & 15-25# if you’ve got some experience) and add weight as you feel comfortable.

Score heaviest weight right & left.

One For The Core! (Time)

For Time:


Overhead Squats (115/85)

50 Double Unders After Each Set.

Rx+ 155/105

The stimulus for today is heavy, so if overhead squats are problematic due to mobility limitations sub in heavy back squats at your choice of weight.

The bar must be taken from the floor. No racks!

Heavy means heavy but perfect. The goal is unbroken on every set with the last 1-2 reps being a struggle.

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