Nasty time


This Saturday we will have Border City Barbell at 9am and Open gym starting at 10am
Following OPEN GYM we will be having CRossFit MOVING DAY!!!
WE will be moving equipment racks etc. around the gym to create a more efficient space!!! Any and all help will be appreciated!!!

CrossFit Texarkana – CrossFit

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1-13-16 (No Measure)

8 double unders 3 min clock

with PVC

5 min clock

8 OH squat

8 behind neck strict press

8 scapular pulls

5 min mobility

shoulders, hips, wrists

coaches choice

Gymnastics work 1-13-16 (No Measure)

Gymnastics strength/skill work

12 min EMOM

1- hand stand hold

2- hollow plate pass 15/10

3- 2 wall climbs



1-hollow plate pass 25/15

2- HSPU kipping work 3-7 reps

3- HS walk


Nasty time (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

12 minute AMRAP

30 bar facing burpees

15 OH squats 95/55

10 chest to bar



5 MU’s

Extra comp work (No Measure)

accumulate 2 min of L-sit hold in top of a dip

farmers carry with plates 25/15

X10 total mat lengths or 5 down and back

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