MURPH: The Final Countdown

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Warmup (No Measure)

10:00 Warmup (3-4 Rounds):

60′ Empty BB Overhead Carry

12 Goblet Cossack Squats (Moderate KB)

5 Strict Pullups or Hard Ring Rows (x130 Tempo)

Skill Sesh – Single Leg Strength (Distance)

16:00 Alternating EMOM:

1) 3 Right Side Pistols

2) 50m Shuttle Sprint (25m Down/25m Back, touch the ground halfway) @ 95%+ effort…you should all but sell your soul here!

3) 3 Left Side Pistols

4) 2 Single Leg Medial Box Jumps Per Leg (Build in Height)

Pistols are to be done @ 3030 Tempo.

Rx+ Pistols w/KB in front rack. Do not do this option unless you have full ROM in a bodyweight pistol!!!

Scale Pistols as follows:

Level 1 – One Legged Stepdowns on 1-3 45# plates

Level 2 – Pistols to a box, bench, or medball

Score highest successful medial box jump.

The Final Countdown (AMRAP – Reps)

Quadruple Alternating Tabata

(32 Rounds x 0:20 on/0:10 off)

1) Double Unders

2) Handstand Hold

3) GHD or Superman Extensions

4) Top of Pullup Hold

Score total double unders + GHD/Superman extensions.

After Party (Time)

3 Rounds:

30/21 Calorie Bike

Rest 1:30

3:30 HARD Cap Per Round

Sub in a 40/30 Calorie Row ONLY if there arent enough bikes available!!! The preferred stimulus today is the bike.

Score total work/rest time.

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