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Warm-up (No Measure)

Monday Monday Warm up.

3-5 min Foam Roll

With Partner 4 rounds each 30 seconds on 30 seconds off Row. Athlete not on rower does mobility.

1) Pigeon

2) Couch

3 )Open Half Kneeling

4) Russian Baby Makers


With PVC:

:30 pass throughs

:30 Hip Hing

:30 Seconds alt. Windmill w/ PVC overhead

2:00 minutes work on snatch balance.

Gymnastic MU skill/strength (No Measure)

4×1 min each 40s work 20s rest

MU transition or MU (transition on box or rings)

Strict toe to bar or strict knee raises

L-sit- top of dip (on box or rings)

Complete all four rounds at one station before rotating to the next

Metcon (Time)

Monday Monday

(Partner WOD)


Every 1:30 5 Burpees (3) Modification

Break up work as needed both athletes will do burpees.

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