Monday 9-9-2013

Congratulations to Nichole and Brad for their wins at Wod For A Cure this weekend!!! Way to represent. We are very proud of you guys! Spots are still available for the Kendrick Farris Seminar. Sign up now to ensure your spot! On November 23rd we are getting a group together to participate in the Savage Race. We want to get a big group together! The race consists of 25 obstacles over 6 miles and is located about 40 min outside of Dallas. The race is Saturday November 23rd. The group sign up is on the board over the stairs. To register click Here. Sign up under Team Texarkana. Register for the 11am Non Competitive heat. Price for registration goes up after Sept 26th so sign up now!!!

Warm UpĀ 


Pull Up technique/Kipping Pull Ups


Death By Pull Ups

*1 pull up on first min

2 pull ups on second min

3 pull ups on 3rd min etc.

Cash Out:

8 x 200m

Rest :30 sec


200m Run

Rest 60 Seconds

Splits within 2 seconds

*Repeat Until Pace Breaks