Monday 9-24-12

We had a great turnout for the picture Saturday. Thank you everyone that made it out. Progress should begin moving faster on the new box now that we have broke ground. I know everyone is excited and I am too!

I want your feedback. We have, from the beginning, tried to offer classes at various times to meet everyone’s needs. Our standard has always been that we need 5-6 people per class to justify that time slot and we prefer more than that. In the past this has caused us to drop classes and also add classes. Our memberships are up but it seems as if most are making certain time slots, leaving others to only a few people.  What I need to know is how many plan on attending the 6:30 a.m., the 6:30 p.m. and could we fill up a lunch time class. Few people look at the site every day and some look at it sporadically but there are those that rarely look at it. This needs to be the topic of conversation around the box for a while to make sure that everyone is aware that there are decisions to be made. I want to make the right decisions for the majority so that means that the majority needs to voice it’s needs.

Sign InWarm UpMobility  


Max Effort Sled Drive

max load on the sled you can drive the length of the mat


5 Rounds:

2 Deadlift, BW

2 Front Squat, BW

10 Box Jumps, 24″/20″

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