Monday 9-19-11

 What an awesome time Saturday! Thank you everyone for participating. To somewhat quote our official timekeeper, “you can’t beat the camaraderie”. It brought us all closer for a great cause.

 It seems as though we are really building our core group here at CrossFit Texarkana. We have a lot of that camaraderie going on and even a little healthy competition between some of us. I like that! I don’t want us to forget what brought us all together – the pursuit of fitness.  Although we love to kill a good WOD, what allows us to attack the WOD is knowledge and development of our ability to execute the exercises. One exercise that has many of us bamboozled is none other than the double under.

 Recently many BIG names came together for some camaraderie and a little healthy competition. The first order of business was, of course, bragging rights on a two minute du drill. How many can you get?

 As I watched them laugh at each other and have a great time trying to “one up” the previous competitor, it started making sense just how important and why it’s so important that we get better and better at this exercise. Mikko Salo (exceptional CrossFitter and athlete), in a short interview, explained how for two months he practiced double unders for thirty minutes before his workout. I’m not sure if it was to his surprise but he noted that all the work on his double unders increased his running and box jumps. Hmm, an exercise that translates into doing other exercises better. Seems like I’ve heard that one before.

 I did also notice that even though all of them were cranking out 150 plus in the two minutes that each one of them still had room for improvement. This should tell us that if the most elite in the world constantly work on improving their double unders, we shouldn’t get discouraged because we can’t get them as good as we would like. 

Group Warm Up 

Practice double unders and get coaching tips on progressions, technique, and strategies that work best for you


“2 Min DU Test”

we all have to start somewhere, even if it’s 2


??? – maybe a WOD surprise

post your totals to times (this is definitely one you’ll want to refer back to)