Monday 9-17-12

We are doing what we can to offer more to our athletes. We keep learning, acquiring certifications and working on ourselves. This makes us better and in turn makes you better. Goals are vast and even though everyone’s goals have some things in common when an athlete wants to excel in one certain area we want to be the “go to” to make that happen. It’s easy to get spread thin when we all try to be all things to everyone. As it stands I want to direct you to these trainers for these areas: Daylon: GPP, Endurance & soon Gymnastics. Joe: GPP & Olympic Lifts. Jaremy: GPP, Strength, Kids and soon Mobility. Of course there are many more areas we know and we have other level ones at the box that will pick up different specialties also but for now in general these are your “go to” people.

Sign InWarm UpMobility


2 rep Max Zercher Squat


3 Rounds:

1 Min Double Unders

1 Min Squat Clean, .5 BW

1 Min Burpees

Rest 1 MIN

Post total reps for each exercise in all three rounds to comments

Neal Maddox is about to about to pull a 365# squat clean at the 2012 games. Notice his set up, mid-line in particular, an incredible display of mobility and stability.