Monday 9-16-2013

Dont forget to sign up for Race For The Cure. If you haven’t already, sign up Here. Select to join a team then search CF Texarkana. Also, on November 23rd we are running a Savage Race. It’s located outside of Dallas. 6 Miles 25 obstacles. We want a big team to go down and have some serious fun. Price to register right now is $69 + fees. This price will increase after September 26th so get signed up soon! We still have spots left for the Kendrick Farris Oly Lifting Clinic in November. When all 25 spots are filled no one else will be allowed to sign up, so get your name down if you’re interested in working with an Olympian to improve your snatch and clean & jerk. 

Warm Up 


10 Min AMRAP of Kettlebell Complex:

Complex =

1 RT Arm Russian Swing

1 RT Arm Clean

1 RT Arm Front Squat

1 RT Arm Jerk

*Repeat with Left arm. RT+LT=1 Round

Men 53lb Women 35lb

Cash Out:

8 x 200m Run

Work:Rest = 1:1


3 x (100m+200m+400m)

*Run 100m then rest as long as it took to run it. Then run 200m, rest as long as it took to run it and so on. Once you finish your 400 rest as prescribed then start right back into your next 100.

Work:Rest = 1:1