Monday 7-30-12

If you have been with us a while chances are you have found your “place” in the box. You understand that even though we are going to challenge you, we’re not going to kill you. If you’re new, I’m sure there are days that is still in question. I want to remind everyone, new and seasoned, what we do is completely scalable and modifiable. In fact, for most of our members most of the WODs do get scaled or modified. Any exercise in any format, repetition or duration can be changed to challenge you and not kill you. That is why what we do can work for anyone.

Warm Up: 250 M Row, 20 Wall Balls, 10 Burpees

Bench Press Strength


“Air Force WOD”

 20 Thrusters

20 SumoDeadlift High Pull

20 Push Press

20 Overhead Squat

20 Front Squat

Load for all lifts remain the same, 95#-men, 65#-women. On go and every minute on the minute  perform 4 burpees until completion of all the lifts.

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