Monday 6-9-2014

Today starts our 1st Kids Camp Summer Session! This class will take place from 10:30am-11:30am M-Th. Next week we will begin our Fox Camp all females class at 9:30am. Due to the nature of these classes, there will be no one allowed to do work in the gym while these classes are going on. Thanks for your cooperation.

Warm Up (85 Double Unders)


(S) Straddle Hollow Body Hold 5x:30

(M) Table Rocks 5×5


(S) Pseudo Planche Push Up 5×5

(M) Xiopeng Backward 5 per side


2 Rounds:

Max Rep Air Squats 2 min

Rest 1 Min

Max Rep Burpees 2 min

Rest 1 Min

Max Rep Jumping Jacks 2 min (clap overhead and behind the back)

Rest 1 Min

Cash Out:

Plank 5x:45

Back Extensions 5×5