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Monday 6-25-12

Was that a good time or what? There was one point on the zip lines that the first group was on a high deck and the second was taking a water break below. Our guide, with the first group, looked down and said, “y’all are a different group”. I replied “we’re a diverse group” and she said “yeah!, diverse”. It doesn’t take much to attract a diverse group to the same place and time, even get them to interact, but I believe it takes something special to bring those same people together and make them friends, no family. I don’t see how we could top what we have here at CrossFit Texarkana. I feel extremely blessed!

Warm Up: 1 X CrossFit Warm Up, Burgener

For Time

400 M Run


8 Rounds:

3 Hang Power Cleans, 105/75

6 Hand Release Push Ups

9 Squats 


400 M Run

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  • Joel

    I had this conversation with Sarah on the way home. It is interesting how Crossfit can bring different types of people together. You’d never get that with a regular gym membership I can assure you that.

    We also noticed more functional ability than we’ve had in the past doing recreational activities. There was a point I got zapped after zip lining but nothing that some bbq chicken couldn’t help push me past. As long I keep eating I’m good.

  • Micheal Spades

    Today’s WOD was good but I felt I should have either done more weight or more reps.  Either way I’m left wanting MORE!!!

  • Jcreedog

    Spades, if your left wanting more try the endurance program. It leaves me feeling like I just want to survive!