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Monday 6-18-12

I hope everyone had a great Father’s Day. I know I did.

Daylon said the endurance overview had a great turnout. There are still three spots available for this go around last I checked. Get with Daylon asap if you couldn’t make it Saturday but wanted to get on the program.

There are numerous CrossFit “boxes” around the world and each of them has their own “twist” if you will. Some are strength biased, some endurance biased, and some even use nature as the box. One thing we all have in common is that a good box can take anyone and make them better at what they are already good at and then, of course, make them much better at things they are not good at. That’s kinda what makes us work. That being said, as I have said before, what will produce the best results is if you work your hardest at what you suck at the most. When we program the WOD it’s impossible to hit everyone’s weakness or strength. The programming is designed to create the most GPP (general physical preparedness) we can create. Trouble areas or hard to conquer weaknesses are where additional programming comes in. Take advantage of small group programming or personal training. Our WOD classes serve the masses to get fit but to reach that next level, if you want to get there, is going to be in the small details our trainers put in the special programming. Very soon we will have a diverse group of trainers to work with diverse clients.

This is a WOD brought to my attention by one of our future trainers. It is actually a “right of passage” WOD that has to be completed to make it through foundations with another box. It sounded good so let’s go!

Warm Up: 500 M Row, 20 Wall Ball Shots, Mobility

20 Min AMRAP 

20 Push Ups

200 M Run

20 Sit Ups

200 M Run

20 Squats

200 M Run

20 Back Extensions

200 M Run

20 Burpees

200 M Run

20 Pull Ups

200 M Run

The goal is to complete at least one full round before time expires

Post rounds to comments

  • Kim

    I like that one!  I hope to start back in the morning!  I hope my knees got the memo…………

  • Phil Azancot

    Mon. 17th
    Just pure awesomeness!!
    1rownd plus Pu+ su + squts.

  • Mylene

    Did 1 round under 17 minutes. Running on sand and pull ups on
    the volleyball rack.

    • Phil Azancot

       Good job! Running on sand is a whole different animal.

      • Mylene

        Running is bad but doing burpees is worse.

        • Phil Azancot

           It will make you tough, you’ll come back a beast, not like you’re not one now.

  • Sandy A.

    1 complete round plus 1 set pushups and 1 200 M run put me at 20:34.
    I really enjoyed this WOD too because of the variety of activities!

  • Justin Hignight

    1 Round + 20 pushups and a 200 M run…good idea for a WOD there Spadeopottamus! I like it when I feel like I’ve accomplished something 😉