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Monday 6-17-2013

Great job to everyone who participated in “Clovis” this past weekend! I know you guys can’t wait to do that one again to beat your previous time. :/ Today will start our 30 day goals. If you haven’t already, then contact one of the coaches to get you on a path to reach the goal you set for yourself. We can’t wait to see the results!!! 

CrossFit Warm Up(15 min)


“Tabata This”

Tabata Row (For Calories)

Rest 1 Min

Tabata Squat

Rest 1 Min

Tabata Pull Up

Rest 1 Min

Tabata Push Up

Rest 1 Min

Tabata Sit Up

*Score is lowest numbers of reps completed at each station. Total all 5 numbers and post your score.

Cash Out:

3x200m Run

Work Rest 1:1

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