Monday 6-11-12

Who’s up for a little CrossFit Competition? We are looking at putting together a throw down with another local affiliate. Nothing to be intimidated by, just some fun. The date that was proposed was the 23rd (the weekend we are trying to canoe) so the date is still up in the air but I need to see who would be in. Let me know.

CrossFit for Hope was a good turnout. It was probably the second largest Saturday crowd we’ve had outside of our one year anniversary party. I know everyone got their butt kicked! Thank you for showing up and putting your heart into it.

Warm Up: Spealler

For Time:

2 Mile Run

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We have been promoting the pose method of running for some time now with little response up until recently. Most people think that running is running and that there isn’t much you can do to screw that up. There is definitely a better way to run than the way that most people do. What you are about to see, like everything in CrossFit, takes time to get. We have upcoming endurance seminars where a large part of the focus will be on running technique.  If any of you want personal testimony from some athletes right here in our box plan on making the endurance seminars. WATCH THIS!