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Monday 5-7-12

Warm Up: Burgener. I want to try beginning with a structured warm up and then giving those of us that are “seasoned” and have particular things we like to do in prep for the WOD the chance to do so while I work with our newer athletes on the WOD.

2 Rounds For Time:

500 M Row

400 M Run

30 Push Ups

20 Power Snatch, 75/50

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We saw some scary thrusters Friday and I know a lot of people want better pull ups. Aside from the weight being too much on the thrusters I thought this might give us some good pointers.

  • Kim

    That was me “scary thrusters”!  I tweaked Mylene’s date bar recipe!  I actually dried some strawberries on the dehydrator b/c packaged dried fruit is high in sugar.  I used almond flour, walnuts and honey instead of maple syrup.  There is a beekeeper on the way to Ashdown that has fresh honey for sale in front of his home, it is really good!  It was really good! Just thought I would share a recipe variation!

    • Mylene

      Gotta bring some to the box Kim!

  • DerikJohnson

    Feels good to be back after two weeks of resting due to injury. I’ve missed my crossfit family. 14:38

  • Justin Hignight

    18:56 Rx. What really slowed me down was my fluidity with the power snatch. I had to dump the bar after each rep. I’ve got to admit, though, my form was good for pretty much the whole WOD, so it’s all good. BTW, after the WOD I decided out of curiosity to go for a max clean as well as a max front squat. My problems with pronation have been much improved in the past couple of weeks so I wanted to see how heavy I could go without pronating. I got 155 on the clean and 165 on the squat by itself…about 20 lbs short of my body-weight…not too shabby considering where I used to be! To my jubilation I never pronated…when I attempted 170 it was just downright too heavy! Rock on!

  • micheal spades

    Ive been in the box almost 6 months now… and man what a journey.  with the coaching of jaremey and daylon Ive really come a long way.  every day I make progress it may be the slightest push forward but its PROGRESS!!! Im at a place now where nutrition is KING.  I can feel that my lack of appetite is really effecting my training!! Again with our AMAZING coaches Im getting back on track and my diet in check.  We are extremely lucky to have the coaches we do.  If you think Im kidding go to another box… We have an amazing crossfit family and I thank every one of you for your support.  Time today was 15:43