Monday 5-12-2014

Congratulations to everyone who competed in the Europa Throwdown on Saturday!! You ladies and gentlemen couldn’t have made us more proud. You guys did a great job at representing CrossFit Texarkana, and you definitely put in an amazing effort. We’ve seen so much progress in the last year it’s unbelievable! Last time at Europa we had 1 team make top 20 and advance to the championship wod. This year we saw 3 teams advance to the Top 10 championship!!! We also saw a lot of first time competitors who definitely shined through this weekend! I believe a lot of people surprised themselves at what they are capable of on Saturday, and that’s what makes this sport so great. We as coaches will reserve an automatic 10% of credit for that (haha) but the rest was brought on by the fact that you guys and gals come in day to day and work your butts off! Your hard work and determination does not go unnoticed. We love seeing how you guys push yourselves on a daily basis. So be proud of what you accomplished this weekend. Our hats are off to you all!!!!

Europa 2014 002

 CFT’s 2014 Europa Athletes

Warm Up (66 Double Unders)


Back Squat



12 Min AMRAP:

800m Run Buy In


1 Power Clean 75/55

1 Hang Clean 75/55

1 Front Squat  75/55

1 Left Leg Lunge 75/55

1 Right Leg Lunge 75/55

*Full Complex = 1 Rep

Cash Out:

3×8 Strict Toes to Bar

3×10 Supermans