Monday 4-7-2014

CrossFit Texarkana has officially become Texarkana’s first USA Weightlifting Club!! Time to get STRONG with Border City Barbell!!!

Today begins our 9 week lifting cycle. Lifting classes will take place at 6:30pm on M-T-Th-F along with RowFit. If you’re following this programming then you will have separate strength(and sometimes wods) from the general class.

Warm Up (40 Double Unders)


Pause Front Squats

3×3 (3 sec pause in the bottom)


Max Effort For Total Reps:

90 sec Row For Calories – Rest 90 Sec

60 Sec Hang Clean 75/55 – Rest 60 Sec

30 Sec Plank Side to Side over plates- Rest 30 sec

90 sec Hang Cleans 75/55 – Rest 90 sec

60 sec Planks Side to Side – Rest 60 sec

30 Sec Row for Calories – Rest 30 sec

90 sec Plank Side to Side – Rest 90 sec

60 Sec Row for Calories – Rest 60 sec

30 Sec Hang Clean 75/55

Cash Out:

Lower Body Mobility