Monday 4-23-12

The Somatosensory System is a series of neurological receptors in the skin and
soft tissue of the body that provide information to the brain about pressure on that tissue.
If you are standing the middle of a room, somatosensory receptors in your feet are
informing your brain about how much pressure the floor is exerting on you. Is your
weight evenly distributed across the sole of the foot? Or, is your weight more towards
one side, your toes, or your heels? If your shoes distort this system, would you suppose  you are wearing the wrong shoes?

Distance runners often place much emphasis on their shoes. They look for the right amount of arch support, cushion, traction etc. Some of the best runners in the world come from countries where they may have in fact ran most of their lives without shoes.

Group warm up at the top of class

For Time:

Run 800 meters
10 rounds of the couplet:
Handstand push-up, 5 reps
One legged squat, 6 reps
Run 800 meters

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Squat Strength


How many parents are nervous for this baby right now? We get nervous when they’re in the tub, this freaks us out. Where’s someone to keep him or her from going under? How important is it that your infant knows how to swim?