Monday 4-2-12

The importance of strength training cannot be overestimated, as it is foundational to the development of all the motor skills. Strength training not only increases the ability to apply force, a pivotal aspect of power, but it also improves endurance by prolonging the amount of time it takes for muscles to fatigue. (Rippetoe/Kilgore)

Our 1 year anniversary party is coming together. We have had many great ideas from a few people and more ideas are still welcome. We want to do a FB blitz over the next 3 weeks leading up to it. Referrals are the way to grow a CrossFit box and we want to grow. We are putting together giveaways and prizes for different things including most referrals to the party.

Speaking on referrals, we also have put together an incentive plan for our active athletes. We have shifted our sign up to an initial 3 month agreement for all newcomers. Any athlete that brings in a friend who signs up for three months will get a free month themselves (pending the referrals completion of the 3 months).

I have been happy, for the most part, with how we’ve been doing our strength percentages following the WOD. I haven’t had much feedback from you but looking at the progress some of you are making (the one’s staying and doing it) I would say it’s fine. The next order of business it seems would be to move squat to Monday and deadlift to Friday. Deadlift takes so much out of us and then our posterior chain is sore and smoked for the whole week of WODs.

Warm Up: 1 X Crossfit Warm Up, Burgener

 9-6-3 reps for time of:

Thruster, OHP Max

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Squat Strength

LOL! This is definitely not the muscle up we’re looking for. I would even venture to say he probably can’t do the muscle up we’re looking for. Leave the gadgets alone and get back to what has always worked – you, an external object (stone/barbell, branch/rings, etc.) and a sense of urgency.